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Homeopathy and Holistic Life Coaching

Resilient Therapists – Coaching and Support for Therapists and Healers

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Jo Permaul

  • Registered Homeopath
  • Holistic Life Coach
  • Intuitive and Tarot Reader/Coach
  • Founder of Resilient Therapists
  • Coaching Tutor

Email – info@jopermaul.com

07932 172098

About Jo

Jo is energised by helping people move from where they are to where they want to be.  For the first 12 years of her career she worked within education as a teacher before deciding to retrain as a homeopath.  Retraining was the culmination of a lifelong passion with natural health and wellbeing as well as a marrying of her beliefs that wellbeing must be approached holistically if we are to see long lasting and significant improvements in health.  She believes that natural health encourages personal and self-responsibility which improves motivation and self-belief.  Finding solutions to problems is a great asset to improving wellbeing, which Jo can help you achieve with her coaching work.  Jo is a mum to two teenagers, and life experiences have significantly impacted Jo’s belief that a child or adult can only achieve if they are physically, emotionally and spiritually well. She has a passion for tarot and reads for clients as well as teaching others how to develop their intuition.  Jo has read the cards for over 25 years and worked on the psychic circuit too.

Jo has worked for Weleda, a global natural Wellbeing company and led training for Wellbeing Advisors on using natural health and wellbeing products, which includes homeopathic medicines and skincare products.  During her career, Jo has worked at London Fashion Week as a homeopath and has also spoken on stage at a national wellbeing conference.  She has written for online magazines and created a national campaign to raise the awareness of therapists during the global pandemic.

Resilient Therapists was founded at the start of Lockdown and has supported dozens of therapists and healers who enjoy the challenges that coaching provides, whilst developing personal confidence and self-belief.  Jo is also an Associate Tutor for Wellness Professionals at Work and enjoys the challenge of supporting coaching students on their journeys.

Jo loves to walk her dog in Epping Forest, cycle and run.

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