As we move towards two years since that very first lockdown, have you reflected and asked yourself:  How has the past two years affected me?

It’s easy to just fling a throw away comment at a question like that, such as “it’s been difficult”, but what does difficult actually mean?

In my Resilient Therapists Coaching I have had the privilege of supporting healers, therapists and wellbeing practitioners along this rocky road.  Today I invite you to really think about what this period has meant for you.  As those who hold space for clients who need support, whether that be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, we have seen our work shift immensely and holding it together whilst steering a ship across unchartered waters has been an experience that now feels safe to begin to unpick, unravel, explore and share.

I’d like to start by asking you a few questions:

What were the greatest challenges for you over the past 2 years?

How did you look after yourself in the process?

What hanged within your business?

How do you now feel about your work?

What have you learnt from this past two years?

When I reflect myself I am able to honour that this has been an intensely stressful time, wherein work has been hugely rewarding, challenging and felt at times like fire-fighting.  I have felt like I was dealt a double-edged sword, one that enabled me to find energy to deal with a hugely increasing caseload, and then the impact of having done so was more intense than I could have imagined.  I have had to dig deep for nourishing resources and felt blessed that such support existed.  

Why not come together with like-minded souls and join me for a group coaching session in which we will explore experiences and ways of moving forwards.  This will be held on 23rd March 2022 online.