You know that friend you have, the one who is a therapist?  The massage therapist, the homeopath, the acupuncturist, the nutritionist (insert other therapy or healing modality).. you could really help and support them right now by just doing the following 5 things.

1 – Like their social media posts.  Yes we all know you like them but can you actually click the thumbs up so that their algorithms improve and they gain more visibility.  When you are self-employed and you post stuff online you can feel vulnerable when people don’t interact with you.  This makes us happy and feel appreciated. As well as counteracting all the negative stuff that is online right now.

2 – Buy from their other income streams.  So the therapist who sells wellbeing products, or ethical gifts or toxin-free cleaning stuff. Lots of therapists really know their stuff about products that support wellbeing. Gaining commission on these gives us an income, and when your income has been slashed by a pandemic, every little helps.  Plus they probably have offers on, can give you support in finding the right thing which a large company just isn’t going to do.  Your wellbeing will be their top priority.

3 – Direct friends to talk to them to see if their service can help them with their health issue.  So many therapies, it can feel overwhelming but many therapists offer a free 15 minute discovery call to go through what they do and how/if it can support them.  Perfect if you can’t get to the GP right now!

4- Buy a voucher/gift card from your therapist friend to give to another loved one.  If lockdown is teaching us anything it is that materialism is overrated.  People want experiences and the gift of wellness is the perfect way to show you care.

5 – Write a testimonial for them.  That massage you had, the remedies you took, the yoga class you attended or the meditation they gave you – how can you share that with the world?  Ask your therapist for their google, or facebook page so that you can leave them some kind words.


If you are a therapist or healer who is struggling right now then drop me a line.  I offer sessions on a 1:1 basis or in a group session to help you grow or evolve your practice.