There’s a whole lot going on right now in the 3D world.  Limitations to freedoms, restrictions, constraints, not to mention the fear about new variants and if you might be one of the unlucky ones who actually gets unwell.

Many people in the spiritual community are experiencing symptoms that they can’t quite diagnose or there is no rhyme or reason for.  Does that resonate with you?  If you are a sensitive soul who works vibrationally, uses energies in your work and feels things deeply then of course western medicine may not be quite the right match right now.

This new age that we are heading into has for many involved questions about bodily sovereignty.  Sensitive people need ways of healing that allow them to respond gently.  I love to use remedies that align to the power of nature and its interconnectedness to the cosmos and all that is going on in the stars.  Many starseeds and indigos experience ailments that mean they feel out of alignment.  There is a way to move forwards for those who are moving on to 5D – homeopathy and healing!