Do you ever get that feeling like you are a smouldering volcano about to really erupt and spew hot lava all over those around you any moment?

It wouldn’t be surprising if you did share that sensation.

With changes to our liberties and freedom, education system, social lives, shopping, finances and links to family the whole world is under pressure right now.

This week it really feels like enough is enough.  But here’s the thing.  It’s our bodies that bear the brunt.  We manifest what we hold on to.  

You see we don’t just get ill because germs are out there waiting to attack us, we manifest according to how run down we let ourselves get.

So what can you do to stop that volcano from erupting?

* Get a good night’s sleep

* Take daily exercise so that your body can deal with excess emotion and stress

* Connect with nature to fill you up with positive energy and the calming benefits of being outdoors

* Talk worries and frustrations out with somebody

* Take it one day at a time right now

* Boost your immune system with homeopathy, herbs, supplements and of course a healthy diet.