I’ve been fortunate that my homeopathy and coaching practice has seen a continual stream of clients since lockdown started in March.  What has astounded me is that how those who were already on the healing path have had some big, a-ha moments and really listened to their bodies and souls, feeling their way in to the powerful healing journeys that this repose has had for them.

Of course, those are the clients who were more ‘woke’ to start with and who knew that this time out from ‘normal’ life would shift things that were no longer serving them.  Or they would find a reason why the universe had granted them time to really listen to what their bodies were telling them and then they can leave those old patterns behind.

But what I am seeing now is that patients who are turning to homeopathy or coaching are now dealing with an array of layers that have been placed upon foundations that existed beforehand.  We as healers, therapists and wellbeing advocates are going to have to help them dig deep to excavate these acquired layers that Covid19 has proffered.  The fear factor, the anxiety, the dealing with people again, the worry, the poverty factor, the grief, yes, the big one, grief.  Grief for what was, because not everyone will come out of this pleased that the old ways won’t exist anymore.

So, what I am saying really is that I believe that we have big work to do.  We are resilient souls with big hearts and an ability to heal.  Use your time left in lockdown well, build in self-care and think big with your business,  for once the curtain rises it is our time to let our healing modalities shine!