Last week I sat down with my business mentor and she asked me a question.  “What are you proud of that you have done in 2020?”.

My first response was to think that this year has been a challenge.  But then she prodded me, “Come on, we’re now 7 months done through this year and what are you proud of?”.  So I sat and pondered. I made a list and lo and behold I could list 10 wins from the last 7 months that I feel super-proud of:   My therapy business staying in credit during a global pandemic, my completion of a Diploma in Coaching, the launching of Resilient Therapists, starting a group coaching programme and working closely with therapists helping them grow their businesses, my developing relationships with loyal clients who have stuck with me, I have upgraded aspects of my operational work as well as ditching things that no longer serve me.  Not to mention wins on a personal level with my family – I wonder if you find these easier to think about?

It hasn’t been all doom and gloom during lock down and I urge you as a therapist and healer to do the same activity.

Set a timer for 3 minutes and think of 10 things that you have done this past 7 months that you are proud of, that show the best of you and your abilities.

As therapists, healers and wellbeing advocates we need to celebrate the successes in our own lives.  How will our clients be drawn to work with us if we cannot deal with the good times and be willing to share our wins and our achievements.  When I am looking to work with someone, whether that be a coach, a massage therapist or an aromatherapist I am thinking about what they do well, how their clients talk about them, how they can take me on a journey to a place I want to be.  Most people who work with therapists want to transform and become a success in one aspect or another.

It is not bragging or boastful to say that you are proud of what you have achieved.

It is not rubbing someone else’s face in it to say you have done well.

Good people want to see you do good things, it is human nature to celebrate, to feel lifted and encouraged by other’s good fortunes. As those in a healing role, I really believe that you have every right to share your wins, especially at this challenging time.  We do a challenging job and must remind ourselves of how far we have come.

You could take this exercise further by looking back to where you were this time last year

What were you doing?.

Now, look forward 12 months; where do you want to be?  What successes are you going to be talking about in August 2021?