One minute I was walking through the forest with my dog, the sun was shining and I had one of my favourite albums on my earphones, then the clouds came over, it poured down and I bumped into a friend who had just lost their mum.  Sad news is being thrust upon us relentlessly right now and grabbing the snippets of joy in small things continues to be what gets me through this challenging period.

I’ve been really busy over this last few months.  Encouraged by many people who are finally seeing health as their greatest asset, I have also been touched by the many of you who have reached out as Covid affects mental health and anxiety levels.  Be assured, homeopathy can help with anxiety, depression, low mood and the effects that has on physical health too, and if I can’t help you I have a wonderful network of therapists who might just be able to help you instead.  In short, don’t muddle through; reach out and step into your courage.


Long Covid:

Cytoplan have sent me this guide which you may find useful.  As you know I hold an account with them and if you use my code CYT 96089-10 you can get a discount to anything on their site.



I really hate them.  I tried fabric and I tried paper and paper ones definitely suit me best.  If you feel anxious wearing one then there are some remedies that you can take to make it easier in terms of both anxiety, claustrophobia, and aggravation.  I also have some top tips for skincare advice for anyone who is suffering with irritation, spots or chafing as a result of usage.



Natural Solutions for SAD:

This time of year is really hard for many and I believe the changes in light will affect more people this year than usual.  Seasonal Affective Disorder  (SAD) is real and every year I treat people who suffer with it.  Here is a guide to the light we have over the next few months.  My advice is to get out for half an hour daily in the light times so that you get your daily Vitamin D intake as well as the light you need to stay lifted.

Guide to immune boosting products over this tricky time
Tips for boosting mental health
  • Daily walks to raise serotonin
  • Chocolate!  Don’t binge, but dark chocolate is good!  Actually – read this, seems like everyone wants some!
  • Conversations.  In -person, online or over the phone, don’t stop talking to people.
  • Being gentle with yourself.  Getting just one thing done is ok, small steps rather than sprints and lots of rewards whether that be a TV programme, a hot drink or something else you like.
What I have learnt about Covid

Both patients and friends have had it.  Those who have used homeopathic remedies have recovered much faster.  If you get it, just text me and I can ring you back with advice on what to take and where to get it from.

Please ensure you follow government guidelines at all times.