Having recently read Martha Beck’s book with the title How to follow your North Star, I was delighted to see that her philosophy really embraces the joined- up thinking that both coaches and homeopaths have.  In the struggle in which we are not aligned with our true purpose is where illness sits.  This illness manifests as both mental and physical discomfort.  In her book she shares some activities you can do in order to assess if you are living in alignment with your true potential and if so, then it helps you to enjoy the comfort of feeling well and joyful.

Many clients I have supported feel out of alignment.  Whether that be work, family struggle, values that push them to a point of anger or frustration or doing a job just for the money, all of these can create a sense of disharmony within the self.

I suggest you read the book and then if this resonates with you, why not book a session to see how I can help with some coaching, homeopathy and even a reading.

Here’s hoping you find your north star! jo