For many, the idea that Homeopathy may bring back old symptoms is a bit of a difficult pill to swallow.  Why would anyone want to revisit an ailment that is long gone, especially when the patient has visited about something completely different.  Let’s take the case of J, a new lady who came to see me recently, suffering with anxiety and unable to get through a menstrual cycle without feeling like she was going to explode from nervous exhaustion.  I listened to her case, gave her remedies and she booked in to see me in 4 weeks time.   Her symptoms; heavy periods, headaches, tiredness and nervous exhaustion.  

During the second session, J looked different.  Brighter, more alert,  but the first thing she told me about was that she had had a chest infection in between sessions and that she hadn’t had one for years.   Great I thought!  But why would a homeopath think that?

Hering’s Cure of course!  Revisiting old symptoms as newer symptoms are improving is a sign with homeopathic remedies that shifts within the vital energy of the patient are occurring. They are a great way to evaluate the efficacy of homeopathic remedies. A healing process can occur when:
* Recent symptoms begin to shift, in reverse order. (For example, a menstrual issue developed over the last few years might disappear before the anxiety that you had for 20 years.)
* From the inside to the outside; that is, from deeper organs outward toward the skin, typically with skin rashes and/or increased discharges such as mucus, stool, urine. (so, headaches might lessen, but eczema might get worse for a bit; or after your headaches improve, you get spots very similar to those as a teenage you.)
* From the head to feet; that is, from top to bottom. (So, your tinnitis might improve before your hip pain does; or after your tinnitus leaves you get foot pain similar to what you had as a child.)

So can you see why a healing crisis can be a positive thing.  It’s like your body is having a Spring Clean: chucking out ailments that no longer serve it, allowing us to work on the deeper more challenging symptoms that need our focus. The layers begin to peel off and we can see that they have been masked for years often under symptoms which have been collated by varying emotional, environmental and toxic stress factors.