Homeopathy and Healing

Safe, gentle, natural remedies to suit you and your family.  

Chronic Conditions

Living with a condition, whether that be eczema, IBS, period pains, arthritis, anxiety and depression can be extremely challenging.  We don’t realise how much it has affected us until that symptom is no longer there!  Homeopathy can help clear chronic conditions and allow you to live a freer life!

Living through a pandemic has given us the chance to see how stresses affect chronic situations.  It also has created new ones such as low mood, anxiety and panic.  Things can change!

Acute Illnesses

Now more than ever, we are becoming aware of when we encounter acute symptoms.  Rashes, injuries, coughs, fevers, colds, viruses all need quick attention.  I use a range of homeopathic remedies and homeobotanical blends to allow your body to heal faster.  I’ve created an acute service for existing clients.

A new approach to your wellbeing

Health is our greatest asset.  If we feel well then everything flows much better.  Many of my clients check in with me regularly to stay on top of their health, combining Homeopathy with a Holistic Life Coaching Session.  Working on your mind, body and spirit simultaneously really is the way to wellness.  Let me support you to living your best life!

My Approach & Values

Life can be incredibly complicated, especially at these challenging times. 

I look at all aspects of how your body reacts to the ways of the world. Together we will talk through your story.  We will put together a time line of your history and work from the present time backwards. With homeopathy, everything is important.

I came to homeopathy as a 13 year old with terrible allergies and eczema.  Homeopathy literally changed my life!  I dipped in an out of it until I became pregnant with my first child and then ensuring we were both in optimum health was paramount!  I’ve never looked back; learning how this system of healing works and explaining to my clients why I am giving remedies is a big part of my approach.  If we can understand the root cause, why we became ill, what are predispositions are then we can become empowered, self-responsible and enlightened.  

Homeopathy is gentle for anyone from the womb to the elderly, it’s great for children and can work alongside allopathic medicines.

I believe that those of us on a spiritual path are often more sensitive, the drugs prescribed by our health service don’t always work, so turning to nature and natural wisdom can help shift issues we are not given time to discuss with our doctors.

From my experiences as a teacher, I know that children cannot achieve if they are not healthy, happy and well.  I love talking to young people and am happy to talk to grumpy teenagers!  

I run an inclusive practice; am happy to treat anyone, am sensitive around cultural issues and am willing to learn if something is new to me.

My wish for my clients is that they reach their potential and live it.  Now is your time! Let’s work together to create your best version of you.  

Over the years I have seen many homeopaths but I can safely say that Jo is the most thorough and attentive. I believe Jo came to homeopathy through a personal experience which reflects in her work as she is extremely passionate about what she does. I have experienced an upturn in emotional balance since my sessions with Jo. She is extremely knowledgeable about what remedies to suggest and contacts me in between sessions for updates which shows she cares about her clients. I would highly recommend using Jo for sessions


Having suffered from anxiety and panic attacks for some time, last year I hit my lowest point where insomnia crept in and I didn’t know what to do with myself… I struck gold when I came across Jo. From my initial conversation with her I felt at ease, something that in recent times I had begun to struggle with, particularly when talking about my anxiety. Jo made everything feel a lot easier, speaking about my deepest concerns and fears, as well as things that had made me happy and that I’m grateful for, without being judged, it was the start of me learning to deal with my anxiety. Over the past 15 months, Jo has been amazing. Two things I’d be lost without are Jo’s constant reminders of how far I’ve come and how I have to learn to not be so hard on myself when things do get too much. Anxiety is more than likely going to be part of my life but Jo has 100% helped me realise that it doesn’t have to control it. Jo has been a great support and I can’t thank her enough


Jo’s approach to helping me with dermatitis and general life balance has been extremely successful. After suffering from seborrheic dermatitis for several years I now have a clear face, with less irritation and inflammation internally. I highly recommend attending for improved wellbeing

Mr H

How I can support you

I have accounts with many wellbeing suppliers but I never recommend anything that isn’t good enough for me or my family! I have always got discount codes and offers so ask me how I can support you with these products so you get the best value.

Weleda products are at the heart of my practice, and with a 30 day moneyback guarantee you can be assured that I am recommending genuine excellence in both skincare and over-the-counter medicines for you and your family. 

Cytoplan are a food-grade, organic supplier of top quality vitamins and minerals, they have amazing blends for a variety of symptoms. 

Findhorn Essences provide wonderful flower essences as well as range of more esoteric products.  

Homeopathy as a system of natural medicine has been used for over 200 years across the world. It treats the whole person, seeing mind, body and spirit of equal importance. It supports symptoms affecting physical, mental and emotional issues. In homeopathy everything is connected, it is only western medicine that fragments us into body parts.

How does Homeopathy work?

Homeopathy works on the premise that ‘like cures like’. This introduction of a substance that initially has caused dis-ease or disharmony can be what cures the same symptoms. It creates a vital energy that allows the body to heal itself.

There are no side-effects from homeopathy and it is safe, non-toxic and natural medicine. Everyone can use the remedies from pregnant mothers to babies to the elderly!

Jo has treated my son for severe asthma and a weak immune system.  She has a unique intuition to truly understand the emotional complexities of the people she treats which has always resulted in successful treatment. My son has responded very well to the remedies she has given him and the result is a much healthier, happier boy.


I have used Jo’s remedies with my son. He was experiencing coughing, high temperature and congestion on a regular basis. Jo recognised there was a pattern to his symptoms.  The most important factor to visiting Jo comparatively to a conventional doctor was the time and interest given.  I felt listened to rather than rushed.  His condition improved using homeopathic remedies.  The most astounding result I have seen are my sons warts he had on his hand, for over a year. Jo mentioned she could treat them, within two weeks of using the remedies they were completely gone. The results were fantastic and fas.t


Thanks to Jo I have a very happy 10 year old.  I took him to see Jo when he was suffering with hay fever symptoms and having to take Piriton daily.  Her remedies worked brilliantly and no piriton needed since and my son thinks Jo is fantastic!  He’s definitely a client for life!


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