Like many, I’ve discovered a new emotion over Lockdown 2; that bereft chasm that you feel post box-set.  The investment you make in the time, the characters, the escapism from the noise around you and then suddenly it’s over.  If like me, you may find it hard to just move on to the next series.  So after finishing The Crown series 4 I decided there had to be a word for this.  There isn’t it would seem, but a friend did point me in the direction of a list of words that exist, but have no translation into English.  What I love about these words is that as a homeopath these words emanate feelings that we describe when trying to repertorise remedies.

Mono Non Aware – This  Japanese phrase describes the particular sadness or sensitivity regarding the fleeting nature of specific things (love, experiences, sandwiches), and become wistful or reflective about the fact that everything must end.

A kind of pre-emptive melancholy and a sense of fatalism.   I can see how this could be linked to the Box-Set phenomenon and maybe a dose of Capsicum might help!

But what this process of identifying a type of grief within me does is it reminds me of why I love taking a case in homeopathy.  Because the way someone describes the emotion they are feeling is so personal and so subjective that in some cases there literally is no one word for the feeling at all.  Mono Non Aware may now have to enter my repertory for this pandemic emotive experience!  However, we all know that any form of grief can be exacerbated by a series of smaller emotions, so for some the end of a box set, just like the loss of a pet, a redundancy or news of an illness experienced by a loved one can trigger deeper emotions that needed to surface.  Watching TV can be a hugely cathartic experience and let’s be honest Lockdown has ensured we have an array of emotions to play with!

If you have noticed that you are feeling more sad, low or depressed and want to reach out for a homeopathy session then I’d love to hear from you.  Describing how you feel is part of the journey to recovery.