The battle between head and heart is one many intuitives struggle often with.  In my coaching sessions I often work with clients who want to develop intuitive skills, feel more confident in not only accessing them, but being able to talk about the process of being intuitive and the power that comes with accepting that gift.

But what happens when you go against your intuition?  What are the repercussions?  Can it affect your work?  How do you even know that you are contradicting intuitive forces?

Recently I was asked these questions and the process was an enlightening one for the client.  Imagine that you are asked by a 3rd party to shed intuitive or psychic knowledge about a situation that involves somebody that you don’t know.  Would you do it?  So let’s imagine, Julie asks you about Sarah.  Julie is concerned about Sarah as she is having a hard time.  Julie is coming from a place of good intention, she means well and is inquiring about Sarah’s wellbeing because she cares for her friend.  You don’t know Sarah, but you do care a lot for Julie and can see that the worry is having a huge impact on her.  Your intuitive skills are good.  You work as a therapist and you earn money from this developing skill and it has been a path that has really pushed you out of your comfort zone, but this gift you have been given and are developing is one you are proud of.

Your initial thought is no.  You shouldn’t get involved.  You feel that strongly; your usual signals, such as getting a tingling down your spine (which is YOUR way of knowing that spirit is with you) have been heightened and you decide to not get involved.  But then Julie asks just that one time too many and you crack – because if you help by passing on information about Sarah then everyone will be ok.

So you tune in, and you get information that you don’t like.  You tell Julie and she snaps at you.  You feel that you have now not only compromised your friendship with Julie, but have opened up a can of worms for Sarah, her friendship with Julie AND your professionalism.  You get tied up in a ball of guilt, worry, angst and feel like your head will explode.

How do you get past this?

*  Forgive yourself.  You made a mistake, but be compassionate with yourself.  You didn’t do this out of malice, but you did do the wrong thing.  Accept it and be kind to you.  Mistakes are there to be learnt from, this is part of the human experience!

*  Understand why you did the wrong thing.  By not asking Sarah, you were getting involved in a situation that wasn’t yours to get involved in.  You must always have permission to do readings and intuitive work.

*  Remind yourself that your intuition was right at the start.  You listened to your body and it said no, but you went against that.  Next time, will you have the awareness to trust in your intuition?  What are those signals that only you know are the way that your intuition, guides, spirit is communicating with you and on top form?  For many it is a tingling, or a brush against the cheek, or maybe a feeling in the stomach.  Learn to recognise them quickly.

* Realise that this path is not always easy.  Spiritual lessons can be harsh ones.  They make you feel uncomfortable for many reasons; so that you learn the lesson, and so that you can move forwards and expand upon this knowing.

*  Trust in the fact that if you do not learn the lesson, then it will come back even bigger in the future!  So make time to process, be at peace with yourself and heal from the learning.

I love talking therapists and healers through these spiritual dilemmas.  Having a safe space to talk things through that many conventional coaches wouldn’t even dare to touch is, I believe, one of my USPs.  Maybe you might like to join my series of monthly workshops in which we will be discussing such topics, working on owning our intuition and developing it too!