I seem to have this inimitable knack for getting people to offload.  Whether that be in the clinic space, or in a supermarket queue…  My kids get a bit annoyed by it as I can get chatting to anyone (embarrassing mum alert),   but this week has just about been the pinnacle of it and it really feels like the world is holding on to intense emotion about to erupt in volcanic proportions.

I’ve heard tales of:

  • cancelled medical procedures
  • wrong prescriptions
  • horrendous waiting times in hospitals and GPs
  • people too afraid to go to hospital
  • diseases being wrongly diagnosed
  • shouty doctors who are frustrated
  • escalating cases of terminal cancer
  • kids too afraid to go to school because they have a sore throat with no Covid symptoms
  • teachers frazzled by it all

And that’s before I even go into things that affect my loved ones, and with 2 parents, a step-parent, a 98 year old grandparent there are many health issues to be discussed!  Today I finally got a bit angry about it all when a dental appointment I had booked had to be postponed as the dentist mis-explained a procedure and told me I’d be left with half a tooth whilst I waited for another session due to Covid cleaning regs.  Half a tooth, say what!!  Forget that.

But how does all this uncertainty affect us in the wellness industry?  As therapists and healers we can reach out to our clients, support them, offer the care and attention that is so very lacking right now in our healthcare system.  We are listeners, heart-centred professionals making time, holding space and offering no judgement.


Imagine for one second you are at the brunt of this crisis and you need to reach out to a therapist or healer to support you right now.

Who do you choose?  Where do you go?  Who do you know, like and trust?


If I’m choosing someone to work with I’m thinking about the following..

  • Do they have testimonials?
  • Are they visible online so that I can get to know them and their values?
  • Is the information like price, duration of session, location easy to find out?
  • Can I pay online?
  • What are they like as a person?
  • Do they have any areas of expertise?


What are you doing to build that online rapport with your next customer?  Can someone feel like they can get to know, like and trust you before they even pick up the phone?  Do you have systems in place to ensure you are the one they turn to?

If not then ask yourself why.  What are the limits that are holding you back from supporting them?  Where do you need to further any work in your business?

I find journalling really helpful when it comes to exploring how and what I feel about putting myself out there.  My journalling prompts for therapists might be just the push you are looking for!

And in case you wondered, acupuncture, osteopathy and homeopathy helped me through my dental crisis!!