Intuitive Guidance

Experienced, soulful, guided support helping you make the best of whatever situation you may be in.

I believe intuition is a gift, but we can all access it….

I’ve been reading tarot cards since I was in my late teens, but it wasn’t until my children were small that I began working on the psychic circuit, providing people with readings and guidance.  Since then I’ve incorporated life coaching and homeopathy into my approach, now giving people the space to explore issues which have come up and they find challenging.  Perhaps a completely new perspective is what you require?  Maybe you like to be forewarned about upcoming challenges as it helps you process what is going on in your world.

I’ve taught classes in both learning to read tarot (from absolute beginners to advanced level) and I also teach intuitive development.  Being in tune with how we sense and feel things is our greatest asset and I actively encourage my clients to listen to what feels ‘right’ for them.

How I can support you

If you feel that life has got challenging and you want to explore possible outcomes, or maybe you want to look at what could come up in the future then a reading might just be what you need!

Tarot is rich in symbolism, numerology, astrology and storytelling using archetypes and myths.  It allows us to make connections with wider experiences within the collective conscious and brings clarity, perspective and challenges us our perceptions.  This is why I absolutely love working with the cards.

I offer both one-off readings and sessions that combine both tarot and coaching and/ or homeopathy.  Why not book a discovery call to see what you need….

How we can work together:

  • 1:1 reading
  • Combined tarot and coaching
  • Combined tarot and homeopathy session with remedies
  • Join one of my classes or workshops

My Experience

  • Insured reader through Balens
  • Reading professionally since 2005
  • Teaching Tarot / Intuitive classes since 2007

Individual Intuitive Coaching

Would you like to learn to develop the most amazing muscle of all – your intuition.  Join me for bespoke intuitive development sessions and feel at ease with trusting your higher self.  Expect to be taken out of your comfort zone and to exciting places!

“By helping me achieve a self focused still point during every one of my coaching sessions, Jo’s support went way beyond my expectations. Her professional, intuitive and flexible approach grounded some of the issues we looked at and helped release others. The process included looking backwards and forwards while still staying present to my chosen topic each week. Connections were made that I had not previously realised. Amazing -thank you.“

Mary Anne

"I have really loved attending Jo's monthly intuitive development workshops this year. I have learned to listen to my intuition and have developed my skills and techniques with her support. Jo is an excellent teacher. She communicates clearly and allows you space to come to your own conclusions. Highly recommende"d


"Jo is such a wonderfully kind person and is so easy to talk to. She's very knowledgeable and has helped me tremendously through some really tough times. Would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone."


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