Every hiccup, every challenge, every twist or turn in this journey called being a therapist has been a learning curve for me.  I started out as a homeopath almost 10 years ago, when I bravely made the decision to quit teaching in a pupil referral unit.  A kid had just eaten a worksheet, and there was a situation involving a knife. Yeah, really.   I was burnt out, a mum of a 4 and a 7 year old, my father-in-law had recently passed away and I had been diagnosed with melanoma.  A real shit-storm to be honest with you and so I began the journey and oh what a journey it’s been.  I’ve been on the highest of highs (watching clients recover from major illnesses, speaking at a conference and gaining a coaching diploma) to the absolute lowest of lows (oh, you want to know those…. let me save them til we meet!), and lots of places in between.  But my passion for healing from the heart has never once wavered.  You see this is a journey only for the most resilient of souls and life has granted me that superpower!

So from this rollercoaster I began to integrate being a Weleda Wellbeing Advisor into my homeopathy practice.  I loved the role and began to start looking after a team of advisors, many of whom were therapists of one kind or another.  The team grew big, really big and being the reflective person that I am I began to notice traits and similarities between my colleagues.  The journey I had been on was not so unique; those of us who are sensitive and feel things so deeply really do let our vulnerabilities affect our work through no fault of our own.  You see to feel things so intensely is a blessing, yet at times it can impact our work.  As I began my coaching practice I was attracting people just like me, therapists who had journeys that were deeply reflective, highly intuitive and  in need of support when it came to making decisions about their businesses.  Therapists and healers who have such great talents, they just needed a critical friend to help them achieve their potential.

So Resilient Therapists was born out of a need for people like us who want to do amazing work, heal deeply and support those who are in need of much love.  It felt to me like the tribe that we are in just needed someone to put their hands up and legitimise the anguish and the joy that healers feel.  So that is my why… because people like us exist.