The biggest myth I’ve had to bust in a coaching session is that You Shouldn’t Charge for a Gift or Talent.  Ok, so that cuts out pretty much most of our industry, but it could also cut out the entertainment, sporting and art industries too.  But, hey, healing isn’t the same as football…  damn right its not.  I wonder where this notion that if you can heal people, work spiritually or do a therapy you should feel like you can ‘give it away’ came from.   I’ve had to really bash this out in some sessions with healers and therapists and do you know that it triggers me too!

When I first started reading tarot I was delighted to practice on friends.  But the ‘hey can I read your cards?’ soon turned into a ‘Hey Jo, I’ve got an issue and was wondering if you could do me a quick reading?’.  Cue the blurring of lines.

Then the homeopathy case studies came in, and again, ‘I need some people to treat, it’s free, how can you help me?’, led to ‘Can you treat me for this…  I’ll pay for the remedies’ in which my time and my knowledge and expertise was dismissed.   I had to get tough, instill some boundaries and set out a new stall that involved the following mindset shifts:

  • I was worthy of being paid the going rate
  • If I did ‘mates rates’ I had to feel comfortable with my decisions, not resentful. So I would need to establish in advance what they would be.
  • I would give the same service to my friends as a new client (quickies/ slashed time just wasn’t working for me or them) even if this was a ‘swap’ such as some coaching in exchange for a massage.

After some time of trying this new approach I began to notice that I was getting more referrals from friends, because they saw the value of what I do.  They could see me in action and the true process of how it all works.  When it came to wanting case studies for my Life Coaching Diploma I took a new tack, different from my Tarot or Homeopathy student days.  I advertised on social media, set out my price and gave out a contract to new cases.  It felt great, after all, I could see that my time was worth it and building a business up was not easy.  Establishing this boundary was a step into me claiming my space, holding my own and believing in the value of what I offer.

So today I ask you to reflect on the following:

  • Do you offer friends and family shorter treatments to suit them, but not you?
  • Do you give away products and commission because of any guilt?
  • Does your current system work in terms of building your business?

What one thing can you change to bust this myth that your service isn’t of value?  Friends and family can be your best cheerleaders but ONLY if they see you as your most authentic, confident self.

If you’d like any help or support in thrashing these self-inflicted myths out then I am the coach for you!  Feel free to book a discovery call.