Holistic Life Coaching

Let’s focus on you.  Purely you. We will have conversations that will make a big impact.  Solution-focused, insightful, with your best interests at heart, getting you to that place you want to be.

Single Session booking

Have you ever wanted to chat something through and explore an issue but you just don’t get what you need (or deserve!) from friends, family or colleagues.  A coaching session is all about you, whether that be talking through options for work, study or relationships.  I listen and ask you questions that you will never have even considered!

Commit to resolving an issue

When you want to get that ‘thing’ done but no one is there to report in to does it actually get done?  Be honest…  Commiting to your desires with regular sessions is an act of self-care and respect.  So here is where working with a coach for accountability can have amazing results, allowing you to get that project completed, goal achieved and new ‘thing’ ticked off.

Sorting out your head is freeing…

I love coaching clients so much.  Seeing people have the ‘eureka’ moment, watching the penny drop and seeing the relief on their faces as they provide solutions to their issues.  You see coaching is all about exploring what is held within you, providing a space for you to dig deep, consider all options, be heard, feel safe and to also be challenged and held accountable.  As a Holistic Life Coach I am here to talk to you about anything from clearing out a room in your house, to changing jobs, leaving a relationship or starting study.  Sessions can be booked as a one-off, a group of sessions or as a revolving commitment to your self-development.  We can talk health, wellbeing, love, spirituality and consciousness or maybe work, time management and more practical issues.  Why not book in a discovery call to see how I can support you make the best of your life…..

If you are looking for a different way of working together then drop me a message.  I can tailor make a package to suit you.

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