Ssh!  That’s right, you are being forced into a period of listening to your own body.  That’s right, you will now, or very soon be able to hear what your body has been trying to tell you for ages!

And so begins my story of what is going on in my homeopathy practice during lockdown.  You see people are waking up!  The silence and stillness has bought great clarity to many.  This time of pausing is precious and allowing us to really connect with the intricate rhythms that the body has, the cycles, the breaths, the heartbeats, the changes in temperature and the patterns within.

I was also pondering how the lack of touch as a sense within the world has affected our ability to listen?  It got me thinking about how when one sense is dampened another becomes more heightened.

Steiner, the founder of anthroposophy, talks about the body having three systems; the metabolic system, the rhythmic system and the nervous system.  If one of them is out of balance then the other two will compensate.

This got me thinking about some of my clients and what I’ve learnt over the past 12 weeks.  For many women the rushing and juggling of many balls and spinning of many plates means we just go through our menstrual cycle, paying very little attention to detail, but we may accept that flow is heavy, cramps occur or hormonal rages may kick in. However, lockdown is putting a different slant on this chaos for many women.   I’ve spoken to at least 4 patients in lockdown who have been able to really work out the exact moment that pain or mood swings occur, because they are in this moment of deep awareness.  It is then the knowing of how our bodies respond to subtle changes that allow a homeopath to get remedies specifically attuned to such an individualised need.  These moments of subtlety such as a drop in oestrogen or at ovulation can be honoured and worked with.

I’ve talked to clients with anxiety who have now realised that the overload pre-lockdown was a key attributing factor and that resting and then recognising those initial first few ‘signs’ that an anxious moment is coming allows them to reach for the correct remedy, to instill techniques to calm themselves down and to process the emotion that lead to the trigger. Resting has been so healing for the anxious person and remedies that really pinpoint the exact trigger.

I’ve treated a few people in lockdown who have heard the loud noises that the skin can make  – the itch that doesn’t give up, the temperature that won’t cool down and the rash that feels like the equivalent of a siren going off.  This is no surprise as the skin is our boundary to the outside world and our relationship with that world has deeply changed.  Under our skin sits our nervous system, that has been subjected to a narrative of fear for months now – no wonder many are holding their tension in their skin, the largest organ.  But it is knowing what to do that

My advice to all my patients is to sit quietly and reflect.  What is your body trying to tell you?  What system is calling you, telling you that things are out of balance?  How can you bring control back in in the gentlest of ways?  I know that homeopathy will help you at this challenging time.  Stay well lovely people.


Photo by Mathieu Perrier on Unsplash