Admin really isn’t my favourite part of being a homeopath.  I love the people part – the stories, the connections, watching the healing happen.  However, this week as I sat down to do my rather overloaded pile of filing I had a moment of joy.  I added new patients to my list and saw that in 5 years I have now treated over 300 patients!  I felt rather emotional as I went back over names and thought of how and why people had come to see me.  The tears, the tissues I have gone through and the warmth, love and joy I have received in holding space for my patients has been so enriching.  It got me thinking how everyone of these people has shaped me as a practitioner.

I then started to think about what had influenced me and how my journey has evolved over these past 5 years.  The start of my journey was tough.  Setting up clinic from my spare room, which I disliked but couldn’t afford to do anything else.  I spent the first year as a homeopathic with a very tight chord to the college I had graduated from – The Shamanic School of Homeopathy and attended regular lectures.  Dr Yubraj Sharma has the most amazing knowledge and his ability to blend homeopathy, anthroposophy, astrology, earth wisdom, medical knowledge and spiritual healing is and always will be my greatest influence.  I attend classes with him as often as I can (which now as a busy homeopath becomes less easy) and still refer back to the amazing notes I have and his books for my case-taking.

Another huge influence on my career has been Weleda.  Working with a brand that aligns with my core values as a human being has been profound.  Steiner was a visionary who saw that the body is physical, spiritual, emotional and he and Dr Ita Wegman created therapeutic wellbeing products to heal holistically.  My role in the company has grown from Wellbeing Advisor to now training Area Supporter in which I train and support advisors and help them grow their businesses.  Steiner’s concept of anthroposophy – living in harmony with nature and the human being has kept me calm, level-headed and grounded as a practitioner.  I have made an amazing circle of friends at Weleda, many of whom are homeopaths too, and the sharing of knowledge is incredible as well as some of the life experiences I have had; from stints at London Fashion Week to visiting the House of Lords.  Working with biodynamic products also has reconnected me with nature and daily walks in the forest.

I love astrology.  I have read Susan Miller‘s forecasts for 18 years and found them to be pretty accurate.  I find that for me a sense of forewarning really keeps me able to stay focused and deal with life’s challenges, which as a homeopath can be many!  When you are listening to others’ stories you need to be able to put your own to the background.  I find that a sense of knowing how things will unfold eases that for me.

This past twelve months I have met two inspirational people.  The first, a man called Rolf Winters, directed a film called Down to Earth.  I came across this film as he spoke at the Weleda Conference last year.  I watched the movie twice, in which he gives up his ordinary life and travels with his young family to visit shamans across the world.  Whilst watching I saw how every shaman said the same thing; that being on the wrong path is the seat of unhappiness and that aligning to one’s true purpose is true healing.  This is what I too find as a homeopath and nothing gives me greater pleasure than facilitating those going through transitional moments.

The second is a lady called Joey Walters, a transformational coach, and I have been privileged to be part of her healing circle on a programme called Awakening Feminine Leaders.  My goodness – this has been challenging!; coming out of my comfort zone, talking about things I’d suppressed and learning the skills of holding space for people in a group setting and on an individual basis.  I’m excited about incorporating these skills in my work.

Being a parent is a huge part of my homeopathic journey.  Back in 2009 when I decided to quit teaching and go for it as a homeopath my youngest was 4 years old, he’s now 13!  My eldest is 16.  An empathy towards parents as well as seeing the journey of childhood is a big part of my work.  Many emotions arise as a parent.  Many ailments spring from relationships in the family.  A Japanese homeopath Torako Yui wrote an inspiring book on healing the Inner Child and I was delighted to meet her and talk to her in person last year as her remedies and perspective on homeopathy have the most beautiful energy.

Every now and again I get a patient who really pushes me.  That might be because their story touched me; a shared experience, a vulnerability, an emotion it released within me, or perhaps because I know nothing about that issue but I want to know!  I have had many patients who forced me to get my books back out, to sit on the floor surrounded by notes and ideas in the hope that we can work together to facilitate that healing.  I love it when a patient challenges me, and I have to think on my feet, but last year I had two patients who with their stories got me to think about pushing the boundaries of homeopathy.  What if I could coach people as well as prescribe remedies.  Watch this space… as I’m almost halfway through my Diploma in Holistic Life Coaching and looking forward to taking on new case studies!