If like me, the moon cycle is hugely influential to your life and business, then you will be pretty chipper to see that the return to work for many therapists will be on the 12th April 2021, the first new moon in the astrological calendar this year.  This bodes well for a new stage in wellbeing.

Aries is all about moving forwards, a fire sign with action at its very core, this is a great time for:

  • taking action – yes get back to serving your clients!  I bet they’ve missed you.
  • Starting a new project – perhaps a new clinic, launching a new package or working with a new range of products?
  • Finding your own inner courage – was there something you really wanted to try or do?  A whole year unable to work is going to really show you what is important to you, where your values lie and how much your therapy is needed!
  • Trying to do things slightly differently – changing up your routine, starting later, lengthening or shortening appointment times can make big differences to your own self-care, which if maintained means you get to do more of the good work.
  • Assessing what is important in your practice – is there a particular type of client you want to attract?  Or maybe you want to showcase a specific technique?
  • take that risk you dream about  – write that book, launch that course, do that workshop!
  • Being your true authentic self as you tread through the year – remember your clients know, like and trust YOU!

Over the past year I have coached many therapists and healers and the feeling of ‘stuckness’ has prevailed.  This has been a great time to think about shifting that stagnant energy, reassessing what you want in your working life and having the courage to say yes or no to things that feel right.

Part of my motivation in coaching comes from the knowing that whether you are a Massage therapist, Bowen Practitioner, Kinesiologist or Homeopath (or one of about 50 other amazing therapies) is that if you didn’t keep doing the good work then the vibration of the planet would suffer.  This year in chaos has highlighted beyond belief that wellness is the most prized asset of them all and that proactiveness in listening to your body is like putting savings in the bank.

I wish you every success at the start of this new phase in your career!

If you are a therapist or healer who is struggling right now then drop me a line.  I offer sessions on a 1:1 basis or in a group session to help you grow or evolve your practice.

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