At the end of every working term, I like to reflect on what have been the highs and lows of the past few weeks.  This reflection serves as multi-purpose in that I am a Homeopath and Life Coach, so I like to think of ways I can do better, improve, serve better.  It also helps with my work with therapist and healers in that I want to reflect on what have been the greatest challenges faced by those in service so that we can do better together.  This year, as I pull in to the final 2 days of my work before i sign off for 3 weeks, the first thing that I want to share is this:

I should have stopped work at least a week ago!

My husband, a teacher, had to end his term early due to too many staff being pinged for self-isolation.  This has meant the last 3 weeks have involved him being at home along with my 18 year old daughter and then last week my almost 16 year old son joined them.  Working from home is hard when you have a family who don’t adhere to a daily routine, forget that you need them to be quiet when you are working and want you to join them for fun.  Next year, my goal is to take the whole 6 weeks off not just 3!

Secondly, I want to honour that for many therapists treating patients with Covid has been hard!

Whether you are a homeopath, herbalist or acupuncturist and dealing with clients’ actual physical symptoms and the fear that comes with it, the outpouring of dilemma-based conversations whether to vaccinate or not from clients who are in two-minds, to the grief, bereavement, fear and intensity of emotion from anyone affected by this virus, the challenges of missed education from young people, to lost work, furlough, loss of fun, boredom, claustrophobia, agoraphobia, bereavements with empty funerals, missed weddings and celebrations, loss of holidays, broken relationships, missed health appointments, delayed surgeries and more, as healers we have done our damndest to support and nurture those who have needed us to hold their space.  It has been hard.  Repeat.  It has been hard. But you are still here.  Take a break, fill your cup.

We have coped with fluctuating incomes.

From being able to work, to many therapists, (especially those in the holistic realm,) losing out on work, the rollercoaster and peak and trough nature of it all has been exhausting.  Personally, last week I saw the most clients I’d ever seen, and whilst honoured to support them, it absolutely pushed me to my limits.  But we know what the nature of being self-employed is like. And we know that we are in a health crisis and when we know we can support, we feel that we must.  But not at our own expense.

Boundaries exist for a reason!

I’m really boundaried, you probably know that, I have certain days for different types of work.  But these last few weeks have allowed me to reassess if those boundaries need to be shifted once more.  We all have a red line that if we cross it we feel angered – for me, it is the need to have a morning routine; a leisurely breakfast, a dog walk in nature and then start work.  If I’m so busy that I need to sacrifice one of these things, then I know I am doing something wrong.  Self-care is so important as a healer.  This holiday I will be reassessing my weekly routine and looking to work smarter.

Despite the hard work it has been joyful, enlightening and enriching.

Celebrate your triumphs and successes!  My greatest joys this term have been working with  a client who was in a 3 month cycle with steroid injections, but broke that cycle, a new client who’d been mentally unwell for 40 years trying homeopathy and loving it, and a child who stopped wetting the bed.  In my coaching work it has been supporting therapists who have seen and acknowledged their self-worth, raised their prices and gained more clients.

Reflecting on not just what you’ve done, but where you want to go is part of the process.

I have plans to develop a course, grow a membership plan and I’ve integrated Bach remedies into my practice work.  What active steps are you doing to keep your work fresh and exciting?

Valuing community and like-minded souls.

The main joy I have had this year has been working with such amazing therapists.  My tarot and intuitive work has been a sparkle in my monthly calendar, as well as joining forces with other therapists in a personal capacity on my protesting mission to highlight the indiscrimination that could occur should vaccine passports be introduced.  The simple fact is that commonality unites us.  I feel nourished, restored and awake hanging with such a wonderful tribe.  Yes, I’m tired, but happy-tired.  The kind of fulfilled tiredness that lets me know I have done a good job, and kept many uplifted in their work which we know has a plethora of benefits.  


I’m starting a monthly membership space for therapists and healers to unite, share, explore and offload.  We will begin in September and meet monthly.  I’d love you to join us. Details to follow! Send me a message if you’d like to go on my email list… Jo x