I love London life.  The buzz of it, the busy-ness, everything is fast-paced, in one minute, out the next, the culture, the ever-changing face of architecture and the history.  But what I love most is the people.  The diversity of cultures, languages, religions, sexualities, ideas, opinions and influences. So, in my homeopathic practice it is important to me to be inclusive.  But what does that really mean?

Over the past 10 years for me it has come to mean:

  • Understanding that many religions do not like their tablets made with alcohol as it goes against Islam.  That’s ok – I can accommodate that.  You are welcome here.
  • Treating members of the LGBTQ+ community and being open to talk about issues that they face.  I’m really happy to talk about anything.  Your sexuality does not define you and I don’t care who you fancy, I just want you to be well.  Really.
  • Knowing that Black Lives Matter and that for some NHS experiences are very different based on race.
  • Understanding that a child with special needs is going to need me to get on the floor and not sit behind a desk.  That’s ok, we can play and chat.  I want you to feel relaxed and not embarrassed about your own child.  Let’s work with how they are today, tantrums and all.  If they need to bring a special toy or a snack, do it!  I’ve got kids and I could tell you many a story…..!
  • Understanding that you may feel self-conscious about your ailment.  That’s fine.  We can take things at your pace, no rush, in your own time.
  • Recognising that if a patient has depression then their visit to me may be their first trip out in ages.  That’s fine, I’m not here to be impressed.  You made it, you got here.  Cup of tea waiting and that first step on your journey to wellness taken.  Impressive!
  • Being mindful that you may be cynical about homeopathy and it is your last resort.  That’s cool.  If you think everyone in my clinic has been a homeopathy-loving, vegan hippy you are mistaken.  From men sent by their wives, to people just checking it all out as part of their own health -experiment, I’m willing to give you the same experience as I give to the most ardent lovers of homeopathy. No one gets preferential treatment here!
  • Knowing from past experiences in a previous job role that adopted and fostered children (and adults) need extra care and attention.  The unknowing of past stories must be acknowledged and is just as valid as the wealth of information a child living with biological parents has.
  • Seeing that many of my patients are sensitive to energies, whether they be spiritual or whatever you want to call it.  Intuitive ability and an openness to other worlds is what makes you you.  Don’t discredit it just because everyone else does.  Tell me about your Indigo child, your telepathy, past-life experiences….
  • Accepting that your physical disability or your unseen chronic autoimmune syndrome can get boring for you to talk about and that you want to talk about other things as well as your health.  That’s good as homeopathy and coaching give me the space to talk about so much more than how ill you are feeling.  Honestly – it’s about your mind, body and spirit.

Homeopathy as a system of healing is all about treating the human being and who you are and what makes you unique.  You will not be rushed in a 5 minute appointment, you will be heard, listened to, appreciated and valued.  That for me is what running an inclusive practice is all about.

If you are reading this and considering homeopathy for the first time and you wish to talk to me about any anxieties you have about coming to see me for the first time do please take advantage of my free 30 discovery call to get to know me first before booking in.