I’ve spent a large chunk of this week talking eczema, allergies and asthma.  You see that is what parents are concerned about right now in this post – Covid19 world of anti-bac, overwashing and highly toxic chemicals that have become a part of daily life.

As someone who was introduced to homeopathy because of my eczema and allergies I totally get what it might feel like for a child heading back into an environment that has been nuked to a point of extreme chemical harshness.  To sit, all uncomfortable, itchy and scratchy, feeling wheezy and self-conscious amongst peers who seem to be able to handle it all feels nasty, and ‘sensitivity’ becomes this huge massive burden.

So if your child suffers with a sensitive constitution then have a look at the image and think about how can you make this transition back into school easier for them?  Reach out and I will advise you.