Over time I’ve seen many homeopaths and coaches and I’ve learnt something from each and everyone of them.  All of them have been wonderful people who have sorted me out from a whole array of issues that comes with being human!

One thing I have learnt as I have navigated through different healers is that a firm commitment to one individual has huge benefits and advantages.

  • No need to keep repeating yourself!  This is great when you are exploring a complex issue.
  • Your therapist sees the whole you; the sad you, the happy you, the excited and encouraged you, your best self and your worst self.  This is all gold when it comes to them actually facilitating your healing.
  • As a patient you get to know how they work too.  When I am treating my clients after a while they know what I might ask them, so they think about this before the session, but equally I will know what not to ask or where is safe to go with them.  As a practitioner this helps my clients build trust.  As a patient myself I feel safe, heard and valued.
  • On a practical level I know how much they charge, I can budget accordingly and am in contact with them through a newsletter in which they let me know of offers and package deals.  I offer the same to my clients too.
  • If I am treating a whole family it has huge advantages; I end up seeing an issue from a whole array of viewpoints and allows me to see a bigger picture.