On the first day of Christmas my Homeopath gave to me a tube of much needed Frost Cream.

This amazing cream can be purchased by  NVS pharmacy and is an absolute godsend for chillblains and Raynaud’s disease due to the arnica and rosemary content which boosts circulation.  Perfect for cold hands and feet!

On the second day of Christmas my Homeopath gave to me a Vial of Carbo veg.

Carbo Veg is a homeopathic remedy perfect for trapped wind and bloated tummies.  Don’t suffer at office parties and family get-togethers!

On the third day of Christmas my Homeopath gave to me  some organic cotton gloves.

I treat a lot of people with eczema and psoriasis and recommend the use of these gloves to give your hands a rest from night-time scratching.  When combined with a good chemical-free, organic moisturiser and some graphites homeopathic remedy you can be rid of that itch and have beautiful hands!

On the fourth day of Christmas my homeopath gave to me a Solution to my banging migraine!

Yes, that’s right, if you speak to a homeopath and tell them the aggravations for your headaches then they could be ailments that stay in this decade!  Where on your head do you get the pin?  Zig-zaggy eyes or blurriness?  Be specific and then the remedy will match you.

On the fifth day of Christmas my homeopath gave to me Some Arnica Bath Milk.

Bathe like Cleopatra in this milk from the gods.  Arnica dispels aches and pains, lavendar calms and soothes and rosemary boosts circulation.  Christmas shopping and battling the crowds just got a whole lot less pain free!

On the sixth day of Christmas my Homeopath gave to me, a spray to stop me stressing.

Pulsatilla – aka Pasque Flower is a remedy perfect for weepiness and emotional upheavals, whilst Chamomile is great for tantrums – now whose family doesn’t have a Xmas tantrum?!

On the seventh day of Xmas my Homeopath gave to me some Great advice on Gut Health.

That’s right look after your gut – take a probiotic if you have been on antibiotics, understress or suffer from frequent IBS.  The gut contains loads of bacteria that we need to stay healthy, plus the gut contains millions of nerve cells and helps our brains!

On the eigth day of Christmas my homeopath gave to me Ideas to help with sleeping.

Try Avena Sativa drops or as a herbal tincture (I have both), lavendar on your pillow or in your bath and there are so many remedies to help with those of you who wake frequently during the night!  Sleep is the foundation of good health.

On the ninth day of Christmas my Homeopath gave to me a remedy for my cold sore.

Don’t suppress your cold sores with over the counter creams, they will only pop up again and again.  Homeopathy can help them disappear quicker, faster and you can lose them for good!

On the tenth day of Christmas my Homeopath gave to me an end to my hot flushes.

There are so many remedies to help with menopausal sweats, Belladonna and Glonoine happen to be two that I’ve given patients recently and my clients just love my Homeobotanicals blend that contains cimicifuga.  Yes you can be cool again!

On the eleventh day of Christmas my homeopath gave to me alternatives for antiobiotics.

That is right, you’ve heard the adverts on TV and radio about antibiotics aren’t effective if over-used, so reach for a homeopathic first aid kit, with remedies for shivers, fevers, sore throats and infections.  Make this the Christmas you break the antibiotic cycle – your gut will thank you!

On the twelth day of Christmas my homeopath gave to me the Confidence to listen to my body.

I’ve been using remedies for over 30 years and giving them to patients for almost ten years.  People love that they recognise the warning signs within their own bodies that tell them that they need to slow down, switch off, take heed and listen.  We are spiritual beings in a physical body after all.


Happy Christmas to you all!  If you are reading this via Susannah’s advent link then please message me directly to receive either 10% off any products mentioned or to receive 10% off a homeopathic consultation booked for December.

Best wishes,

Jo x