If I had a pound for every time I’d dreamed of the moment schools reopen so I could get back to my ‘normal’ life I’d be a rich woman!  I’m lucky I’ve been able to work as a homeopath and coach during this testing time, but it’s not been on my terms.  I’ve been at the mercy of the routines of my two teenagers and my teacher-husband.  I’ve been tip-toeing around, unable to boil the kettle when I’ve wanted a cuppa because my husband has been online teaching and his students don’t need to hear me banging around in the background.  I’ve condensed my practice hours to two super-long days to ensure least disruption for all and I’ve neglected CPD a bit as I’ve been the one to need to answer the doorbell and do the shopping and walk the dog.  I’m sure you can relate to some of this if you’ve been able to work and had loved ones at home.  If you’ve not been able to work then you have my full appreciation for weathering this purgatory.

Yesterday I met a friend.  I don’t think she gets what I do.  She knows what my husband and kids do though, so when she talked about them going back and me being a stay-at-home-mum I felt triggered.  Like seriously enraged but in a ‘bloody-hell’ kind of way.  The internal expletives hid a depth that hold a whole range of triggers for me right now.  The anger that many parents have had to face in terms of juggling or even giving up work to support home-educating kids.  The devaluing of the alternative and complementary health system during the time of a global pandemic.  Health Crisis doesn’t equate to Health Awakening in government -speak.  It means suppress and deny access.  Then there was the whole thing about well if society isn’t valuing what I do in the mainstream media then that answers my thoughts about why a friend wouldn’t give it a second thought either.

I’m sure you too have found this whole experience triggering.  The thing is that as I’ve gone through this journey with coaching I’ve come to recognise that triggers can be actually hugely empowering .  That is if you know what to do with them.

  • Don’t react straight away.  Sit with it.
  • Think about the language used. Was it the language or the sentiment?
  • Consider what the reaction provoked in you.
  • Journal about it or walk it out.
  • Then come back to thinking about how you feel about it now.  Do you need to react or can you just let it go?

Now, I’m off to start thinking about how I can make some changes in how I do my work.  I may just enjoy the silence first though!

If you are a therapist or healer who is struggling right now then drop me a line.  I offer sessions on a 1:1 basis or in a group session to help you grow or evolve your practice. #therapists #resilienttherapists #lockdownlife