Acting on intuition takes guts.  That feeling that you are doing the right thing for you, coupled with a complete lack of absolutely no physical evidence is a real force to be reckoned with, but it can be so intensely  overwhelming pulling you to places that you never knew existed.  I can only compare the energy to that of falling in love and that sense of knowing you are with the right person.  As an intuitive therapist and practitioner I resonate strongly with the internal struggles that clients face when dealing with acknowledging the power of their own intuition and the self-blossoming that occurs once they have acted on a force that is bigger than them.

In 2003 I made a decision to only act on my intuition and to say b*****cks  to reason and rational decision making.  As an ambitious teacher at the time this seemed to hugely contradict the society and peer group I was in.  Ditching a respected career a few years later to read tarot cards for a living I thought I’d conquered that issue, but rationality and common sense can seduce you.  So I went back into the fold of teaching and then had a major health/life crisis and knew that this was my body’s way of saying, go back to the intuition.  I retrained as a Shamanic Homeopath and started teaching Tarot courses and loved it.

As we begin the process of coming out of lockdown, which has been both a blessing and a learning curve for us all, I am taken back to that time of deep self-reflection about working from intuition at a time of personal unknowing.  Questions race around my mind now as they did then and trying to silence them is a feat made easier by flow activities like gardening, walking, reading, running in which I am so busy enjoying myself that I forget that I am worried.  The ‘Will I get back to work?’ ‘Will I increase my clients?’ are fear-based but hugely steeped in that camp of rationalism and everyday life and deeply rooted in self-preservation and a love for the therapies that I practise – Homeopathy and Life Coaching.

Campbell’s quote ( from Brene Brown’s Braving The Wilderness) is for me a perfect summation of how many of us are feeling in the Healing and Therapy World right now.  As we are faced with our re-emergence from our bubbles back into a ‘new normal’ we will need to constantly question the path we are on and our intuition is for us sensitive, reflective souls our guiding light.

Here are some reflective questions for you to ponder over right now:

1 – Does the path in front of you feel like it belongs to you? How can you take ownership of your own path?

2 – What values are you taking on this path with you? Who are the people that are accompanying you on this journey? What qualities do they bring in supporting and encouraging you to be your best version of you? Do you have space for any new people to join you? Who do you need to manifest to help you on your journey?

3 – How does it feel to not be able to see too far in front of you? Are you spending time looking at what surrounds you right now? Is that helpful in this journey? Are you craving a bigger picture view and if so what are you missing by focusing just on this?

4 – What is your intuition telling you about this moment in time?

For me, the immediate issues I am posed with are regarding a therapy practice on Zoom versus a clinic that is highly sterile and has social distancing at its heart.  I can do both therapies either way, but what do I feel most comfortable with?  I’m off to listen to my higher self on that one and  I may be a long time deciding.

I wish you luck at this challenging time for our industry and am offering 25% off all coaching sessions whilst we are still in lockdown.